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Title: S'mores, s'mores; sure do love s'mores
Setting: campfire, late evening
Characters: Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun
Rating: Don't think it'll get much beyond PG?

"S'mores, s'mores; sure do love s'mores
Graham cracker, marshmallow, Hershey bar; sure do love s'mores
Squeeze it squishes, so delicious; my tummy's begging for
Graham cracker, marshmallow, Hershey bar; sure do love s'mores..."

Sho quietly sang the song to himself, alternating between actually singing and humming. He'd tried to get a sing-a-long started but the campers were too busy roasting their own marshmallows. He could always try again later. Or not. He didn't want to force the campers to do something, that went against the founding spirit of camp.

Sho slowly turned his roasting stick, barely paying attention to the marshmallow at the end as he watched the flames. This was really the perfect way to end an almost perfect day at camp, though he could say that about almost every day. Sho started humming the song again as he waited for his marshmallow to get that perfect blend of smooshy inside and toasted outside.


Welcome to the third week of

Weather - Sunny and warm
Campwide Activity - Murder mystery game. (night two)

Weather - Partly cloudy.
Campwide Activity - Overnight camping trip

Weather - Cloudy, hinting at rain that never comes.
Campwide Activity - Music night.

Weather - Clouds somewhat around lunchtime, but return in the evening.
Campwide Activity - Planning and practice for the camp-wide talent show.

Weather - Rainy day.
Campwide Activity - Movie night.

Weather - Another rainy day
Campwide Activity - Game night in the basement of the dining hall.

Weather - Rain stops overnight, sunny and warm.
Campwide Activity - Dodgeball

Each cabin's chalkboard is in the comments to this post.

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Title: In search of a (pair of) rainbow (socks)
Characters: Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun
Setting: Mid morning/afternoon in week 2, Blue Cabin/Vicinity (or all around camp?), Dining hall (later)
Rating: G/PG

Aiba was aghast, though that could be too strong a word. Aiba was panicking because he could not, no matter how hard he tried, find his rainbow coloured socks. He figured he could buy another pair after camp, but it was his favourite pair, and favourite pairs of socks should not be abandoned, he'd told himself over and over. Neither should they have gone missing in the first place, but Aiba couldn't help being messy - he just was. At home, he piled laundry by the mountains into a basket and then dug through it to find the shirt he wore last week that he thought he'd lost.

He'd checked under his bed in the cabin, all over the cabin, though stopping short of rummaging through the other campers stuff, but his socks were no where to be found! Where could they be? The socks had been a rare birthday present from his younger brother, rare because his presents were usually bundled together with Christmas presents (the woes of being born on 24 December), but he'd received two from his younger brother that year, making this pair of socks even more special.

In despair, Aiba left a note on the chalkboard, hoping someone (specifically MatsuJun, his counselor) nice enough to notice his socks somewhere would kindly return it or point him in the right direction. Till then, he'd search for it, but first, the toilet was beckoning and Aiba rushed over to answer the call of nature.

[closed] Getting To Know You

Title: Getting To Know You [Closed]
Setting: Red Cabin, 7am on Monday
Characters: Yamada Ryosuke, Kanata Hongo
Rating: G/PG

Yamada stretched his limbs out on his bunk, his eyes refusing to open. He loved spending the summer at Camp Yukue, but despised having to get up early every morning. As he wiped the sleep from his eyes, Yamada remembered the mission he set for himself for the day. It was the second week of camp and he had yet to get to know his bunk-mate Kanata.

The only thing that Yamada had learned about Kanata is that he liked catching bugs. This information was not even passed along verbally from Kanata. Yamada happened to see the various nets and tools while the other boy was unpacking.

In one great sweeping motion, Yamada swung his feet onto the floor, stood up, and looked up towards the bunk directly above his. The boy was greeted with neatly made sheets, Kanata nowhere in sight.

"Where did he go?" Yamada managed to ask himself before letting out a yawn.


The second week of camp has begun. :D

Weather - Still hot, but a slight breeze makes it more bearable.
Campwide Activity - Planning for the camp-wide talent show.

Weather - Rain and thunderstorms for most of the day.
Campwide Activity - Game night in the basement of the dining hall.

Weather - Cooler after the thunderstorms, but still warm.
Campwide Activity - Baseball.

Weather - Warm and sunny.
Campwide Activity - Improv night.

Weather - Partly cloudy and warm.
Campwide Activity - Music night.

Weather - Rain overnight, but it ends by morning, still cloudy throughout the day.
Campwide Activity - Practice for the camp-wide talent show.

Weather - Sunny and growing warmer.
Campwide Activity - Murder mystery game with the entire camp as the setting.

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- Each cabin's chalkboard is in the comments to this post.

[Closed] The Art of Crafting

Title: The Art of Crafting
Setting: In the dining hall, lunch, sometime during week 1
Characters: Matsumoto Jun and Sakurai Sho
Rating: G

Jun looked down at the lunch table he'd taken over all for himself. He'd already turned away three campers with a scowl, an apology and a promise that he'd sit with them next week. He had serious business to attend to. Sho had suggested meeting up for lunch sometime during the week to discuss the running of the arts and crafts cabin. What he probably didn't know was that Jun had been planning activities since he'd gotten his hiring confirmation from the camp. He'd spent ages making spreadsheets and scouring the internet for ideas for not just arts and crafts, but all of the potential assignments he could have. Jun was just a little anal that way.

Adjusting the papers one last time, Jun took a sip of his juice and allowed himself a moment of relaxation. He'd be lying if he said at least part of his anxiety wasn't Sho-related, but Jun was determined to make their mutual assignment fun (and productive) for everyone. Jun smiled at his work, proud of himself, and melted back into the chair for a moment, waiting patiently for Sho to get through the lunch line.

[Open] Rain, Rain, Go Away

Title: Rain, Rain, Go Away [Open]
Setting: In the blue cabin, Wednesday, free time (about 2pm?)
Characters: Aiba Masaki and any one who wants to cheer him up
Rating: G/PG

Aiba hated rainy days because they kept him cooped up inside and unable to do anything, and lonely. He'd heard a rumour when he was younger about rabbits dying of loneliness and rain reminded him of that horrible feeling. To Aiba, being alone was the most horrible feeling ever, and he never wanted anyone to have to experience it. He sighed and peered out the window at the rain, which had cast a rather grey shade over the campsite. He felt just like the sky looked - grey - and also felt helpless, and could not wait for the rain to pass.

Would the whole day be gloomy? Rain meant no outdoor activities, didn't it? Aiba sighed. He'd wanted to go down to the beach and go for a swim, or look for beetles he could catch, or just find an activity he wanted to do. He pulled out his notebook and looked down at the blank page, the marker in his hand hovering over it, himself unsure of what to write.

R...A...I...N, he wrote, taking his time with each letter. Rain, rain...go away, he continued, ending the line with a sad face. D:
Title: The Phantom in the Woods.
Setting: Woods beside the camp, post-activities.
Characters: Kanata Hongo/Aiba Masaki.
Rating: PG (for now.)

Dying light drizzled down through a canopy of leaves as he passed quietly over uneven ground. The noise emanating from camp was slowly ebbing away, giving itself up to nature's chorus. A modest plastic box hung from Kanata's fingers - its contents was ordered to the point of fetishism, but for now no worthy specimens had appeared to be documented, or spirited away for further study.

He'd left a curt note dictated onto the chalkboard of Red Cabin - a place that, whilst charming in its own earthy kind of way, was not somewhere he could see himself spending any large amount of time.

A brook came into view, it's flow was underwhelming at best. However, the twilight reflected off its constantly shifting surface drew him closer. Dragonflies flitted aimlessly between the rocks lining each side. One perched upon his knee as he knelt to card absent fingers through the lukewarm current.

The snap of a twig, bracken crackling under foot caused Kanata to turn his head sharply towards the source of the noise. His pale face was half shielded by the deep hood of his black jacket, which he pulled down without any visible signs of trepidation.

[open] Row row row your boat

Title: Row row row your boat
Setting: Boathouse, the lake, etc. Tuesday morning.
Characters: Sakurai Sho and anyone who would like to join him. :D
Rating: Don't think it'll get much beyond PG?

Sho casually leaned into the back of the chair in the middle of the boathouse office. Due to the semi-hazardous nature of boating, there were various forms that needed to be looked at. Life jacket safety, rescue proceedures and whatnot. More likely than not, there would be no problems, but it was better to be prepared. Sho was very strict about wearing life jackets. The lake got quite deep in some spots. Even though most campers knew how to swim, they couldn't depend on it if the boat capsized unexpectedly.

Looking at the old clock on the wall, Sho realized that the first week of students should be arriving shortly. Elective activities were pushed aside for the chaotic first day of camp, but now Sho was ready to get to work. He wondered what they campers wanted to explore. Canoing, kayaking, sailing... Sho had done some rowing in university and they had a couple of two-man and four-man boats here at camp, but it was a bit too intense for most campers. Sho hoped to run a week devoted solely to rowing later in the summer, if there was enough interest. If nothing else, Sho liked to touch on each one of the others during each week, if students were interested, but he also didn't want to force them into something they didn't like, especially not on the first day. The minutes ticked by as Sho looked out on the lake. Out of everything at camp, the lake might be his favorite.


Camp Yukue is now open! Welcome to all of the new and returning campers. We have many fun things planned for this summer and hope that you enjoy your stay with us.

Weather - Warm, but not too warm, with a cool breeze coming off the lake.
Campwide Activity - Icebreaker games and activities

Weather - Partly sunny and cool.
Campwide Activity - More icebreaker games and activities

Weather - Rain day.
Campwide Activity - Movie night in the basement of the dining hall.

Weather - Rain lingers in the morning, but clears up shortly after lunch.
Campwide Activity - Planning for the camp-wide talent show. (Will be taking place week four, participation is mandatory for all campers and counselors)

Weather - Partly cloudy and slightly cool.
Campwide Activity - Humans vs Zombies (night one)

Weather - Clear skies and becoming warmer.
Campwide Activity - Humans vs Zombies (night two)

Weather - Hot and sticky.
Campwide Activity - Humans vs Zombies (night three)

- With the opening of the camp, holds and claims are now CLOSED.
- Each cabin's chalkboard is in the comments to this post.